The Science of Creative Grooming with Bullet Brown

Although creative grooming has been around since pets have been groomed, my years as a competitor came at a time when creative grooming truly began to evolve. As I garnered my own wins in the competition ring, I began to see the products being used become more extreme. What seemed like a simple question…’Is this safe’? had no answers. There was no organization or entity who had real answers based on science and safety rather than results.


In 2009, I founded The National Association of Professional Creative Groomers, The NAPCG. What I discovered was that numerous professionals were as passionate about creative grooming as myself. The NAPCG is not sponsored by any manufacturing company and has therefore remained the most unbiased expert in the industry regarding truth in labeling, safety of the pets, and honest science-based education.

To prevent the same mistakes I had made, and provide groomers with the proper education, I designed and implemented a creative certification program for NAPCG members to ensure they were properly educated both theoretically and practically before the use of creative products. Just the same as professional cosmetologists require a certain amount of education before graduating.

Travel expenses, hotel costs, workshop fees, miscellaneous expenditures, and time off work have been a hindrance for many NAPCG members, particularly those in other countries. That’s one reason I am thrilled to be offering our new Science of Creative Grooming Online Course!

The SOCG online course prepares members for the theoretical portion of certification by offering recordings, webinars, live group meetings with myself and other guest speakers, downloads, and quizzes. The fee for your written theoretical exam is included (130.00 value) and can be given through proxy locations in your area, as well as a mailed copy of The Science of Creative Grooming workbook(40.00 value).

But it doesn’t stop there. Modules in this course also include practical applications with temporary and semi-permanent products for some of the most requested salon designs. I’m even including a module on pricing, marketing, and promoting your salon creative services!

By certifying with the NAPCG, members can rest assured they are properly educated with the most up to date information regarding creative grooming and the products involved. What’s more, you are more confident and experienced offering creative services in your salon. Pet owners can relax too knowing their professional groomer is properly educated.

Estimated course price after pilot program is 697.00 USD. This price alone is a steal considering all the offset expenses of attending a seminar. My usual charge for 6 weeks of one on one meetings would also exceed this price. The NAPCG is the first and only organization that sets a high standard of education for real professionals and this knowledge spills over into other areas of our profession.

Students who commit to participation, activities, homework, and quizzes will be able to reinforce and retain information rather than rely on memorization. This along with peer support from other students will make the written theoretical exam…taken at your own timing…much less intimidating.Not to mention the extra income creative grooming can bring to your salon. By implementing the lessons taught, students can easily recoup this expense within 6-12 months.

With almost two decades in the veterinary industry before stepping straight into professional grooming, my science minded approach to protecting pets followed me. While there may be any number of videos or dvd’s out there regarding creative grooming, no one else in this industry can offer the insight and education I can provide my students.

I’ve taught The Science of Creative Grooming among other topics, on stages around the world. Even becoming the first American dog groomer to speak in Moscow, Russia. I want to help groomers protect the safety of pets, get the best results, and increase your bottom line by utilizing our new Science of Creative Grooming Online Course.


Enrollment for this course opens January 20, 2020. For a limited time, this 6-week pilot course will be offered at a reduced price of 497.00 USD, that's a savings of at least 200.00, for NAPCG members only! Because this is a pilot course, I will work very closely with a limited number of students in exchange for feedback and input. Enrollment ends January 31, 2020. We reserve the right to close registration once ten members are enrolled. Classes begin February 10, 2020.

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