The NAPCG has made it possible for groomers to learn more about creative grooming than ever before. Our new, revolutionary book, The Science of Creative Grooming written by Amy & Kelcie Brown, is a must-read. With 38 pages packed-filled with information from international scientific unions to governmental research studies, this book compiles everything needed to understand why certain products are safe and others are not, how the safe products interact with the skin and coat, and what safety precautions should be taken. These tools are not only essential to making educated decisions to best achieve the desired results while protecting the animal, but they are also pivotal to effectively marketing creative services to clients.

Every product and animal is unique, meaning there are no guarantees in creative grooming, particularly coloring. While one product may produce certain results for one animal, they may be different for another. Learning more about the science behind these products, the structure of skin and hair, and differences in hair types provides insight into why these results occur. Thus, as mentioned, this book arms groomers with the tools needed to make educated decisions in the best interest of the animal and speak confidently and professionally to both clients and ‘nay-sayers’ on the topic of creative grooming.

This scientific explanation of creative grooming is presented in terms anyone can understand regardless of their background in science (or lack thereof) and includes 28 diagrams from famed grooming artist Lisa VanSweden, whose illustrations have been seen in Notes from the Grooming Table and The Ultimate Cat Groomer Encyclopedia.

Science of Creative Grooming

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