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As the professional grooming industry has expanded, so has the need for continuing education that has evolved to educate beyond the skills of breed standard grooming. While these skills will always be imperative to a successful groomer, the modern professional salon has so much more to offer. The NAPCG has once again stepped forward to set a high level of standards regarding canine/feline skin and coat.

Excess shedding, itchy skin, flaky skin, oily coat…all issues that most professional groomers see on a regular basis. After spending years researching what began as creative grooming, I quickly realized that skin and coat knowledge went hand in hand. Thus, began years of both researching and teaching the science and promotion of healthy skin and coat for both canines and felines.

I am so excited to release the NAPCG’s newest certification program, Certified Pet Esthetician. This 18-week online certification program is a science-based course that covers in-depth skin/coat anatomy, shampoo ingredients and formulations, and how conditioners and finishing products work. But that’s not all, holistic spa treatments, proper bathing/drying, safety and sanitation and so much more.

This education allows you to expand your skills in maintaining and promoting healthy skin and coat. You’ll learn to recognize common skin issues and understand when and how to make a veterinary referral. Your understanding of shampoo, conditioners, and finishing products will allow you to choose the proper products for each individual client. Not only will this knowledge allow you to expand your services, but to also gain a new professional respect from your clients. The NAPCG is not sponsored by any manufacturing company and has therefore remained the most unbiased expert in the industry regarding truth in labeling, safety of the pets, and honest science-based education.


The estimated cost for this 18-week course is 1895.00. This price alone is a steal considering all the offset expenses of attending numerous seminars and classes. My usual charge for 18 weeks of one-on-one meetings would also greatly exceed this price. However, for the pilot run of this course, a few lucky members can register for only 995.00. That saves you half price!

Members who commit to participation, activities, homework, and meetings will be able to reinforce and retain information rather than rely on memorization. This along with student support will make the module tests and final exam…taken at your own timing…much less intimidating. The NAPCG is the first and only organization that sets a high standard of education for real professionals into areas of our profession that often remain neglected. Now is your opportunity to be on the forefront!

With almost two decades in the veterinary industry, then stepping straight into professional grooming, my science minded approach followed me. I’ve taught this topic on numerous stages around the world, authored articles as well as publications, and created the first and only science based creative grooming certification program. I really want to help groomers maintain and promote healthy skin and coat, get the best results for your clients, and increase your bottom line by utilizing our new Certified Pet Esthetician online course.

Enrollment for this course is open now. For a limited time, this 18-week pilot course will be offered at a reduced price of 995.00, a savings of 900.00! Because this is a pilot course, I will work very closely with a limited number of students in exchange for feedback and input. Enrollment ends February 15th, 2021 or when 8 students are enrolled.

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