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Founded in 2009, professional groomer and former vet tech Bullet Brown brought groomers from all over the world together to form the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers (the NAPCG)  The NAPCG offered groomers an opportunity to properly educate themselves prior to the use of coloring products as well as the only comprehensive creative certification program centering around the science and safety of creative grooming. First intended to center around the safety of creative grooming, the NAPCG has grown beyond the need for just creative color. We now offer higher levels of education in salon esthetics, business operations, anatomy, breed standards, behavior/handling, and more. No matter the topic, all NAPCG education revolves around the safety and well being of the pets we are entrusted with.


I am very proud to be member of the NAPCG! In an industry that requires little to no education or sanction, I love being part of a team that is fully invested in education, safety, business & most importantly animal welfare. I have been able to grow my business exponentially with help and knowledge I have received specifically from this group.

Lynnie E./Owner/Pawsitively Perfect/Montana, USA

‘The NAPCG is a value add to any Groomers continuing education. They provide so much more than creative grooming, with focus on Skin & Coat, Anatomy, Products, and so much more.’

Michele G./Owner/Animal Haven/Surrey, BC, Canada

‘I believe that our actions have consequences. This especially comes to the forefront when working with things that don’t have their own voice. Everything we do as people and as professionals has a consequence. The art of Pet Grooming, simply put, is about nurturing and protecting their skin and coat. That, for me, is our job description. Of course there are many different styles and loads of fun that you can have along the way but fundamentally that is the job. The NAPCG is an organisation that, in essence, underpins this. An organisation that says ’sure, have fun but remember, what you put on the dog could have an effect on him/her for the rest of its life’. Too many risks and advantages are taken in this world on those that don’t have a voice in loads of different walks of life. Thats why I wholeheartedly support The NAPCG and Bullet Brown for doing their bit to protect those without a voice'. 

Stuart S./Owner/Groom Dog City & St. Leonard's On Sea/England, UK

'I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciate the NAPCG. This organization has been a great resource for me and my salon. The member group is a great place to ask questions of any sort as someone is always available. We have made some great friends throughout the years too. I look forward to all the new things that are coming up'

Julie T./Owner/Julie the Groomer LLC/Ohio, USA

'I'm the type of person who is always searching for some new tidbits of information especially when it concerns not only my own dogs and cats but the ones whose owners trust me to do what's best for their pets. So like many people, I read anything to do with dogs health. Within a few sentences I can tell if it's new NEWS, repetitive old news or insinuations of slander. For this reason I rely on the expertise of the NAPCG. They have the insight to shine a bright light on information that needs to be brought to the forefront. To them, the status quo is no longer good enough to be accepted as truth. For instance, dog people who were trusted to be doing things honestly; saying it was not really hurting anyone or anything. The NAPCG exposed the dangers of dying a fading black coat with black dye in an attempt to cover gray or faded hair. It taught me that just because it's commonly done does not make it right.. In fact it's very harmful. Now that is just one tiny example of things that the NAPCG brings to the forefront. Not only that, the molecular, scientific deep stuff is broken down to simplify it and show why and how damage or harm is inflicted. On the other hand, I've come to understand what builds and helps damaged, neglected skin and fur... Not just on the outside but inside at the cellular level. I know the letter C in the name stands for CREATIVE, but I want everyone to know it's FAR FAR beyond just the small sector of grooming that involves CREATIVE GROOMING. The NAPCG has helped me be a better dog/pet person all the way around'

Kim G../Owner/Kim's K-9 Care/Florida, USA